Serenity Gold Beauty Spa

Serenity Gold Beauty Spa is a place to gather your thoughts relax and unwind.

We offer luxury facials we use fruit based products and chemical peel treatments. Sugar hair removal which is 100% organic ingredients for our sugar paste are lemon citrus, sugar and water. If your looking to enhance your lash length and fullness we offer  Lash Enhancers customized just for you. Let us help you Enhanced and Embrace your beauty!



Sugar Hair Removal


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About your aesthetician

Jasmine Payne

Our mission at Serenity Gold Beauty Spa is to help women and men with their skin care needs Since 2017, we’ve been a valuable resource for helping others with skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne, uneven skin or ruffle texture. We also offer Full body sugar hair removal which is highly recommended for sensitive skin. Sugar Paste 100% Organic made with lemon, citrus  honey and water. We look forward to improve and expand our Guest with a Serene experience.